About Us


System Description

GFCWD is a small water system operating under LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission), and serving the majority of the people living in Garden Farms.  It is comprised of approximately 4 miles of pipeline ranging in size from 4 inches to 8 inches in diameter, with a tank that has a storage capacity of 28,885 cubic feet.  There are 3 active wells, with 2 treatment facilities, 35 fire hydrants, and 116 customer service connections.  

Mission Statement

Garden Farms Community Water District will provide an adequate quantity of good quality water to the customers of Garden Farms Community Water District on an ongoing basis.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will serve the customers of the District by setting and maintaining sound fiscal and effective administrative policies to provide the basis on which our well-qualified employees operate.  To achieve this, the Board must empower its employees with the ability to carry out these policies in a manner that meets the day-to-day needs of the District, and all policies of the Board must be those of the Board as a whole and not those of individual board members.

Board Members

Charron Sparks - Chairperson

John Pinson

John Billings

Cory Pereira

Jay Jamison


Anthony Agueda is a part-time employee recently hired to operate and maintain the water production and distribution.  He is licensed by the California State Resources Control Board as a Water Distribution Operator,  level 2 and Water Treatment Operator, level 2.  

Dan Migliazzo is retained on an 'as needed' basis.  

All GFCWD operators are required to maintain the training needed to stay abreast of the ever-changing drinking water regulations.  


General Manager - Marcia Joyce

Board Secretary - Mary Anne Stephens

Bookkeeper - Tracey Finegan

Anthony Agueda - Maintenance